Fully Funded Tampere University Scholarships in Finland 2023

“Unleash Your Potential with Tampere University’s Surprising Scholarships”

Tampere University understands the paramount significance of encouraging and acknowledging students who display a fervent commitment to their scholarly pursuits. To aid students in their academic adventures, the university presents two perplexing scholarship programs: the Tuition Fee Scholarships and the Finland Scholarships.

Tampere University’s Tuition Fee Scholarships: A Burst of Financial Support for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Students

Tampere University’s Tuition Fee Scholarships are a unique offer to provide financial assistance to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students who must pay tuition fees for English-language programs. These scholarships are granted at the time of admission and fully pay for the tuition cost for the entire duration of the program.

A Three-Year Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree Students

Bachelor’s degree students can take advantage of the scholarship program that lasts three years, providing full financial support throughout their academic journey at Tampere University.

A Two-Year Scholarship for Master’s Degree Students

Master’s degree students at Tampere University can also receive the Tuition Fee Scholarships, which last for two years and provide full financial support for their studies.

A Five-Year Scholarship for Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Students

For students who are approved to study for both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, the Tuition Fee Scholarships program lasts for five years, providing financial aid for the complete duration of their studies.

Finland Scholarships: A Master’s Degree Boost

Tampere University’s Finland Scholarships are part of the country-wide Finland Scholarship program and offer financial assistance to the most eligible Master’s degree students. These scholarships pay the tuition fees for the first year of study, including a 5000 € relocation grant, which is deposited in the student’s Finnish bank account after their arrival in Tampere and initiation of their university studies.

Key Characteristics of the Finland Scholarships:

  • Category: Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Application Deadline: Open
  • Location: Finland
  • Eligible Countries: All
  • Organizer: Tampere University

In conclusion,

Tampere University offers two startling scholarship programs for students in need of financial support for their academic pursuits. The Tuition Fee Scholarships and Finland Scholarships are tailored to provide students with the resources they require to excel and reach their maximum potential. Don’t miss this chance to advance your education and fulfill your aspirations with Tampere University Scholarships!\ English*

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