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Nick Cannon has a certain number of kids. People are probably aware of his child with Mariah Carey. He actually has two. In April 2011, they conceived twins. Nick had his first kids with those ladies. He continued, but he took a break for a few years until Brittany Bell and welcomed their kid in February 2017. Before bringing home a girl in Dec 2020, he took the following few years off from being a father.

Nick went a little... wild n' out... with his manhood a few months before the birth of that daughter.

I calculated Nick Cannon's September 2020 to have been highly busy using a handy conception calculator. I understand it. Everyone was cooped up at home back then due to the outbreak. We were unable to engage in the activities we normally do to pass the time and burn off energy, such as going out to eat, watching movies or concerts, playing golf, or any other leisure activity.

How then did Nick pass the time, amuse himself, and burn off energy? With multiple girlfriends, he engaged in a lot of sex without protection.

Where did we learn this? Because Nick experienced what may have been the craziest first-time father month in human history exactly nine months later, in June 2021. How many children will Nick bring into the world in June 2021?

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The answer is:


That's right, I'll say it again: In June 2021, Nick welcomes four kids into the world, including a brother and a sister born by three women. A miscarriage occurred during one of the pregnancies, where at one point he was expecting Five kids in a two-month timeframe.

In December 2021, a few months later, Nick had a very happy Christmas filled with lots of unprotected intercourse. This is proven by the fact that he welcomed two more kids from two different women nine months later, in September 2022. Then, on November 11, he gave birth to a second child just a few days ago.

How many kids does Nick Cannon now have?


By November 16, 2022, Nick Cannon would have had 10 kids from six different women. Sadly, his toddler Zen, who was born on June 23, 2021, passed away from brain cancer five months later, so that number could have been 11.

Well, Nick just revealed this week that he was expecting a second child as he welcomed his most recent child. Six women will have given birth to 12 children in all, with 11 of them living.

How Much Money Does Nick Cannon Spend On His Kids?

Nick Cannon's annual spending on his kids has now been put in the hands of family lawyer Goldie Schon for estimation. Considering Nick's "standing as a big earner," Goldie calculated that a judge would require Nick to make an annual payment of about $3 million to sustain his numerous children.

Surprisingly, in response to the story, Cannon himself did not only refute the number but also denied that he was a party to any court-ordered child support agreement.

In a conversation with the entertainment program "The Neighbourhood Talks" Cannon stated that he spends more than $3 million on his 11 (All his 12 kids) Bothe male and female.

"I undoubtedly spend a lot more on my kids every year. I never want to have to take part in the juvenile justice system."

The statement is similar to what Cannon said earlier this year regarding his involvement in his children's lives in an interview with Men's Health:

"Contrary to popular assumption, I am probably more involved in my kids' daily activities than the average adult can be. I talk to my kids before they leave for school via FaceTime and other technology if we are not physically in the same city. Afterward, I drive my children to school when I am [in the same city] to make sure I pick them up. Making certain I attend all extracurricular activities includes doing all of those things. Every week, I teach my kid guitar while also participating in everything from coaching."

Cannon fiercely rejects the label of "child support," even though he acknowledges spending much more than $3 million a year on his children.

Thank goodness, Nick has a net value of $20 million and we estimate that he earns about $5 million annually from his many hosting responsibilities.